HELP: How do I get the .VOB file onto my PC?

So i don’t have DVD burner or drive but I have a disc drive. Is there a way I can insert a DVD into the drive and extract the .VOB file from it?

what do you mean a “disc drive”

if you do not have at the minimum a dvd-rom then you will not be able to read dvds.

a cd-rom drive and/or cd-rw drive(cd burners) do not read dvds.

also you say “the .vob file” like there’s only one on a dvd. dvd are comprised of many vob files (and other types of files as well)…none of which you’ll be able to deal with if you don’t have a drive that will read dvds though.

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You need a DVD-ROM at least but i would just buy a DVD-RW drive so you can burn also.

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You cannot play dvdS WITHOUT A dvd-rom ( player) or a DVDRW (reader and writer). With out one of those two you can forget about a .vob file.