Help how do I edit VST

I purchased a combo VHS and DVD burner player. I then took all of my home movies that were on VHS and burned them to DVD. Then I took the DVD and puy it in my Mac computer so that I could edit the films. The problem is that Final Cut Pro and iMovie and Adobe Premiere won’t read the VST format of the DVD. Does anyone have any suggestion or know of coverters or software that I can get to change the VST so that I can edit it?

AFAIK there isn’t such a thing as a ‘VST’ format. What is the make and model number of this combo VHS/DVD recorder that you used?

Any standard DVD produced by this unit should have several .vob files and at least one .ifo file. You’ll need a Mac-based ripping utility to get the MPEG2 data off the DVD and into a single file before you can edit with your other programs. The names ‘Osex’ or ‘MacTheRipper’ spring to mind…