Help... How do I crop AVI files permanently?

OK so I have AVI files in XviD… Resolution is 512 x 384, and I wanna crop them permanently to 512 x 288.

I don’t know how to properly use VirtualDub/AviSynth to do this, but I understand these are the apps I need. Maybe there’s something easier out there?

Anyway, I tried this simple script on an 9 MB XviD file and loaded it on VirtualDub, and the file came out at 365 MB! :eek: It was cropped properly though, so I guess I either have to change a setting on VirtualDub (it would be nice if I didn’t have to recompress/reencode or whatever it’s called, I don’t see why that would be necessary, this should be so simple).


I am a noob. If you know how to do it, please reply with simple instructions cuz I don’t know AviSynth scripting or VirtualDub.

Thanks in advance…

The crop line should read


Also worth looking at some Filters for VirtualDUB that can crop. One called NRS can do the job for you just fine.