HELP how can i burn a dvd-video with multiple audio tracks

so. i’ve been trying to figure this out for the whole day

i’m trying to burn a dvd video with lots of music videos, and i want to be able to have different audio tracks so i can switch to one with only the background music so people can sing, kinda like karaoke.

i actually took my time to change my videos to mp3’s and splitting the stereo mix into 2 so i hav 2 seperate tracks one with the main singing and one with only background music… and it took me a while…:frowning: i did like… 80 music videos already :confused:

so i just need somehow a dvd video burning program or something so i can put different audio tracks on, like heaps of movies u can change the audio language and stuff… pretty much like that…
…and a free one at that… is broke
so HELP PLEASE :bow: