HELP!: Hitman 2

After creating what appears to be a near perfect BWA file, I am still unable to create a working backup of Hitman 2 and have created numerous coasters in trying!
I have:
BW 4.2.4 (plus setup files for 4.2.1 and 4.2.2)
TwinPeak 0.2

Lite-On LTR32123S
Toshiba SD-R1002

I’ve so far tried using CloneCD and TwinPeaks, but was burned on to media only capable of ~700MB (yet to try it on larger capacity media) and tried with both of the first two TOC options selected, and both completely failed! It didn’t even load anything the drive just kept reading and almost crashed my PC!

Also tried using BW (4.2.2 and 4.2.4), both of which have failed, but have not had the problem that other people appear to be having in regards to not being able to install from a BWA copy, they just will not load the game. When the game is started the spinning cd cursor appears for about 2 seconds, then disappears again. However, I know that the BWA file has been used as it shows up in the log but only adds about 540 dual sectors, could this be as a result of the quality of the BWA file? The BWA file was created using my Toshiba, the image file created using my LiteOn and the image burned using my LiteOn. All reads and writes were performed at between 4x and 12x. The image created by BW even worked mounted on my Daemon Tools (3.26) drive without any emulation!

Originally posted by Hornster
…The image created by BW even worked mounted on my Daemon Tools (3.26) drive without any emulation!
That’s good, problem is either writing or the drive used to play as blackchecks points out. Try the Litey with Hide CD-R Media enabled and make sure that game play is not hard-wired to the installation drive

It seems that I have found that burners have more trouble playing back the game than DVD Drives and CDroms. Have you tried you copy in the Toshiba to play? Mine works in the Toshiba, But not my Plex burner and Liteon Burner even though it works in Daemon. Can’t hurt to try it. Good luck.:slight_smile:

after making several coasters trying to create a backup, i decided to instal the patch for hitman 2 to see if this helped, as i had read that other people had better luck getting their copies to work after the game had been patched.
so i tried this and as i started to load the game, all looked good as the spinning disk kept spinning and the game loaded. BUT almost every frame or second or two an error message would come up interupting the loading of the game - ‘ZSystem Default Output: lkshflkjh’
i tried again with the original cd and the same error occurred. i’m guessing this is something to do with my setup, i already have to run the game with eax disabled because i have a sound blaster pci 128.

however, i had then uninstalled the game in order to try to create a backup again - all coasters. but after getting fed up, i decided i would play the game instead and so installed it with the original. but as i tried to load the game, another error came up saying:
‘Direct 3D: Unable to create device. Try changing resolution or color depth’
but at all resolutions that game failed to load and anything below 32bit true colour and the game won’t work anyway! (by the way, this happened with and without the patch installed)

what is it with hitman 2? it seems that most people can find a configuration that will copy SecuROM new games (ie ut2003), but a lot of people, when trying hitman 2 fail!

hitman 2 v1:
SecuROM - 4.83.11 0026 (disk)
SecuROM - 4.83.11 0026 (hdd)
hitman 2 v1.1:
SecuROM - 4.83.55 0081 (hdd)

by the way uninstalled and reinstalled - now works (but the same ZSystem error occurs after intallin the patch! looks like i need a copy that will work without the patch!)

I had no trouble making the copy. Today I took it to work to try on a sony cdrom to test it. The game loads no errors like your getting, but I did get the resolution thing. Weird. My computer at work is a P4 1.8, with a TI 4200. I should not have this happen. This is not a copy problem, but it is in the game. Something quirky about Hitman 2. It runs slow and choppy. I don’t like the controls on this game. I hate not being able to jump.

Have you tried going to the site for the game and seeing if there is a forum, maybe someone has had your problem and can help.

Also have you tried to burn with BW 4.25. It might do it for you. Couldn’t hurt. Good luck.:slight_smile: