Help Help Serious trouble with Hardware!

Hello everyone, I am having issues with the hardware that I bought. Now I returned so far 2 boards, the third one is putting nothing on the screen, no bios etc. I examined my 3.0 northwood processor, and no burned marks or bent pins. The board I got this time was an MSI 865PE Neo 2. The ram I got is CORSAIR XMS, Xtra-Low Latency 2-2-2-5, 184-Pin 1GB(512MBx2) DDR PC-3200 w/ Platinum Heat Spreader, Model TWINX1024-3200XLPT - Retail with this special feature on it Special Features: Plug-n-FragTM Auto-Configuration - Boots automatically using the Xtra-Low latency values of 2-2-2-5. I payed 275 for it. Now I tested everything else that I got, vid card etc. in my old comp and it all works fine. Now the following three problems it could be one the processor, two the motherboard, or three the RAM. I am thinking it might just be the ram after all, since of that special feature on it that boots automatically. Can someone out there please check this stuff out and come up with a conclusion that is reasonable and just. Thanks everyone or anyone that can help me out.


get an asus board

To be honest, a somewhat more constructive reply would be nice…

Anyhow: what does this autoboot feature do? I never heard of it, so please enlight me ;).

Did you try to reset the CMOS of your system? This would reset all settings made on memory timings.
Another thing you might want to check is if there are jumper that are set wrong. A wrongly selected CPU FSB or so may result in similar problems!

Is your PSU good enough btw? What is it’s wattage? Or better, how many amps can it do on the 5 and 12V lines?

Is the power supply new? Maybe thats faulty? Try your ram sticks one at times, one could be bad.

Pull the system down check all contectors MSI have a plate on the back with 4 leds dose this light up and what are the configerations for the leds if so.
Are there any jumpers is the Battery in ok with 3 board this is mostlikly yes…

Pull the Battery out for 2 min and put it back.

Is there a boot rescue BIOS Floppy put in hold CTRL+HOME with it in to use it.
Did the PC ever Boot?

NOTE this Board MSI hate most RAM and have timing conflicts that do stop the post so its a mater of leave the side off change the timming when it dose not post power of pull the battery, Start again till you satisfied with a balance timming config.

ID like to tag a ?

My Pc is
AMD 64 3400
MSI K8tnoe
Nvidia 5700 IRQ 10
On board LAN IRQ 10

My Monitor Flashes Pink

I think this is when im useing the LAN not 100% is this IRQ conflict or what?
are any ones thoughts