HELP!HELP! Problem with recorded DVD

I’m a newbie to DVD burning, and i recently tried to burn my first DVD (I was making a copy of “Meet the Parents”). I used ShrinkDVD to rip and compress the DVD files. I then burned them to a blank DVD+R disc using Roxio CD/DVD Creator Classic (I made a data disc with all the DVD files on it). I put my burned DVD into my DVD-ROM drive AND my DVD player and it didn’t read. Can some1 tell me what went wrong?[B][COLOR=green]:confused:

You need to burn the DVD in DVD-Video mode and put all the files compressed w/ DVD Shrink within the VIDEO_TS folder in the blank DVD. As always, you can do it the hard way (EZ CD), or the easy way (Nero).

doing it with nero and under nero express is alot easier …and less room for error

So how would I go about burning a DVD with Roxio?

I took one DVD and copied using the disc copy function in Roxio. That worked great in a stand alone DVD player.

A second DVD had to be shrunk so I used DVDshrink and shrunk it to the harddrive into a folder called VIDEO_TS. I then burned the folder using the only function available in ROXIO, “Create a data DVD”. The resulting DVD is empty except for the data in the VIDEO_TS folder. It plays on a computer with WINDVD but not on a standalone box. I know the physical discs will read in the player because the first one did.

What am I missing? Are DVD’s not burned in ISO format? Will Copy2DVD do what I need?

(I searched but wasn’t able to locate info on the format, but I AM new here.)

copy 2 dvd will do what you want and do it easily too … roxio i just now you make a data dvd like you did and make that folder which you have …so kinda at a loss there why it is not playing …

If you have Roxio Easy CD & DVD Creator 6 download and install the 6.2 update. Then, open Disc Copier and under Source select DVD-Video content and select the VIDEO_TS folder.