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ok guys i need your help i recently purchased a stand alone dvd duplicator of a friend it has a 1-7 controller made by i think acard 2033 or 2033s so far i have got 1 pioneer 105 and 2 pioneer 109 rewriters in it .so i have purchased 2 new pioneer 110 and i cannot get them to work .the firmware is version 1.42n PLEASE HELP :bow: :clap: :bow:

You need to contact ACARD.
Never heard of 1.42n…

When I Start The Duplicator Up It Says Firmware Version 1.42 I Have Contacted Acard And Yet I Have Had No Reply But Thanks For Ya Help Buddy Cheers

@ el_loco,

In your original Forum posting in the Newbie Forum titled Ò€œHow to update all my rewriters to 110sÒ€ I suggested that you conduct a Google search for the information you were requesting.

Below is a link to the Acard support download page where you can directly download Bios, Drivers, Utilities, Manuals, and Firmware for their products. I found this information conducting a simple quick Google search. I wonder why I could find this information and you were unable.

It should be noted that Acard has both a ARS-2033 and a ARS-2033S so you need to do some more detailed searching to confirm exactly which model DVD Duplicator that you actually have.

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I think you are going to find that you can NOT mix different models of burners on the controller. You will need all 110’s or all 109’s, not 110’s, 109’s and a 105. It won’t work.