HELP! HELP! Please!



I have been trying for hours and think that I am going to throw my computer out the window.

I have the NEC 3500ag I believe with firmware 2.16 and keep getting an error message of “One or more files could not copy correctly”

It is a service manual and it is 6.4gb and i am using Dynex DL +R discs. I have burned this file off my hard drive before and hoping that it is not the discs for they are not cheap and not for sure if Best Buy will take them back or not to get another brand?

Thanks for anyone’s help! I am so frustrated it is not even funny any more!

Thanks guys,


  1. Do not throw your computer out the window.
  2. Try upgrading the FW to latest NEC version 2.18 or 2.19

I also had some media incompatibilities with FW 2.16 until I flashed with newer FW.


Brainwave is spot on. update your NEC 3500 with the latest firmware to avoid media problems. i had some media that didnt work when i got my 3500 with stock 2.16 but after 2.18 all but fixed the issue.