i have nero 7 ultra and cant figure the darn thing out… i am real new at this i want to burn a movie i have downloaded on my computer to a dvd disk. i was told to get nero 7 ultra because it support DivX and Xvid (i have one movie in Divx and one in Xvid). ok now i cant figure out what to do to burn it. there are to many things on here. can someone please walk me through this so i can burn a dvd

Im going to assume that you are talking about an open source movie. The way you can do this is by selecting dvd, video, create your own dvd video. Then select your divx file.

ok idont know open source movie? i know this i downloaded a movie, it plays. now i need to put it on a disk to watch in my dvd player. Nero 7 ultra has make your own movie, make or modify dvd-video, recode dvd, convert dvd video to nero digital, then i have more applications nero burning ROM which has a bunch more things on it reall i just ned som help :confused:

Try Make DVD-Video

This link might help.

rhain, Nero 7 Ultra is to me one of the most confusing set of softwares I ever bought.