ok why is it so diffucult to burn a css protected dvd? dont they just have a one disc software that will take care of this …instead of saving it to the harddrive bring it back and then burn and then your disc drive cannnot support it ok i spent 200.00 on different things and have yet to burn a dvd i am using Anydvd zipped it to my harddrive now where do i find Imgburn and so on so forth what do i do help i am confused what or where do i get the right dvds i have the 4.7g 2hrs max on SPmode are these ok ?

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If you have AnyDVD you can let it run behind either DVD Shrink or Nero Recode and then burn with Imgburn.

Here are some DVD Shrink guides…easy peasy.


many more guides to help you on your way here:


Good luck and happy burning.