Help! Help! *ASAP*

I removed a few progarms that I wasn’t using & now my PC won’t detect my Pioneer DVD-RW drive or my Sony CD-RW dive. When I go under my device manager, both drives have a yellow dot with an explanation point? It says (Windows has located device driver for this hardware but cannot find hardware device, code 41) I’ve been beating my head off the wall for hours trying to get these drives running.

With no luck, I’m trying to restore my PC to a previous point. No matter which restore point I choice, I get a message saying, (Unable to restore PC to that point, choose another starting point).

What can I do to restore or to get these drives running?

delete the drives and reboot.
let windows find them again, if your running windows that is…

If that doesn’t do it, look up “upper filter” and “lower filter” and do the registry fix. You’ll find the MSKB article references in a search here, or even on Google.

No luck on the un-install & re-boot. Still doing he same thing. (Can not find hardware decice code 41). What next?

The worst case scenario, save everything that is precious to you on some DVD-R’s and reformat and install your OS again. What were the programs you uninstalled? Did you try installing them again?

The Upper/Lower filters referred is sometimes a problem.

To fix this there’s a registry patch you can apply.

Create a text file in Notepad & save it with the extension of .reg containing the following:-







Once saved double click on it & add it to the registry.

I copied the above text beginning in notepad with REGEDIT4. How do I save it with the extention tag of (.reg) & how do I apply to the registry?

Can’t save anything because the computer can’t see the DVD Drive or The Cd Drive.

Can’t re-install anything because of the same problem.

I removed:
Microsoft Works
Microsoft Office 2003, (It was only a trial version that I never used)
Microsoft Publisher
Microsoft Money

That’ll be File -> Save As and then enter the file name eg . cdgone.reg

Then through Windows Explorer find where you saved it & double click it.

Did it. When I clicked on it, it asked if I wanted to add to the registry, I said yes. Now do I re-boot?

Yes. I should have told you.

I’m off out for a while now but back in about an hour, by which time it’ll all be working OK for you [B]hopefully[/B].

Still the same problem. What about doing a system restore. Will this re-install the progarms that were deleated?

I’d perhaps try physically disconnecting them by detaching the IDE cables from them. Reboot and then shutdown. Connect them back & reboot. Might work.

Thanks for all the input, I ended up taking the tower to a friend of mind who designs software. After some investigating & a few hours of tinkering, he got things up & running again. I did have to re-install a few programs that require use of my drive, such as AnyDVD & DVD Clone, but he did all the dirty work… What a nightmare, I don’t wish it on anyone.