Help, having serious trouble with hardware

Hi there everyone, I recently bought a motherboard, case, and processor, and power supply. I have built a few computers and my friend has built hundreds of them, he use to work for zenith, anyways, together we put together a computer, but when we turn it on, a spark and smoke appears, and the computer won’t turn on, he tells me a small chip on the motherboard is burned out. Ok, so we get a second one and I see smoke again around the same area around near the processor, and heatsink. This time power is there and is on. The motherboard does support my processor, we checked like 3 times already, what else could be the problem. I thought DFI boards are good, could it be something else? Can anyone help???

Sparks and smoke are very bad! :eek:

Have you checked your processor to make sure it’s ok? Visually inspect it to make sure the core is not cracked. Also check the pcb area of the CPU to make sure there are no bulges or burn marks.

If you get thermal grease on the pcb area, and it covers the metal contact it could cause the processor to burn out (see pic).

This might not be the cause though, Good Luck!

Destructive PSU maybe? For it to happen twice is unusual, either a bad PSU, or bad motherboard, it doesn’t sound logical you got 2 bad cpu’s in a row, although the possibility does exist.

I agree completely. But from beginner123’s post, it sounded like he might still be trying to use the same processor that he used the first time. Unless you ment two bad motherboards in a row.

Another thought, make sure the PSU voltage switch (if it has one) is set correct for your region. (115V or 230V).

Good Luck!