Help! Have difficulties with DVD Fab



I just bought DVDFAB, and am using it to back up some of my movies. I am have copied one of the movies, but when I go to burn it on to another disk the program says that there is no disk in the drive. But when I do another copy of a different movie it works just fine and I used the save blank dvd that the other one said was non exsistant… I have just downloaded it and installed the key…I am wondering if I need to upgrade it or can I? And what is the beta version all about?


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Yes, installing the latest version ( beta, don’t worry about the beta part - they never caused me any problems) would be good.

Just install the beta over your existing version. :slight_smile:

Also, what media (discs) are you using?


I am using maxell dvd+R 8x


I’ll move this to the DVD Fab forum…


What is the name of the movie that is giving you this problem :confused:

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