HELP! hardrive is not recognized anymore



my hardrive was working as of this morning.
as of now, the computer is not recognizing it. i did nothing to the computer and no software was installed.
according to device manager, the hardrive (maxtor onetouch II 300 gig) is functioning properly. however, when i go to computer management it says that the hardrive is unallocated and unknown.
i cant figure anything out and there is alot of important data on the drive. i cannot format it and start over.



Try a different usb/firewire port and see if there is any difference. If not, see if you can find another pc to try it on. If it works on another pc, you might try uninstalling your usb/firewire (whichever you are using), and rebooting.


ok the drive works fine on the other pc, but the other pc also thinks that the drive is without a partition. so i guess my partition somehow got messed up. how do i recover the partition without damaing or destroying the data on it?