Help! Hard drive - format "accident"



I was trying to delete an extended DOS partition in a ‘spare’ 120GB Seagate Barracuda hard disk drive (HDD). No matter what I did using ‘fdisk’, fdisk would not recognise the the logical drive installed in the extended partition. So I thought I’d use a DOS 6.22 installation floppy disk to see if I could do ‘something’ to get my PC to recognise the logical drive I was trying to delete.

I normally run my otherwise up-to-date P4, Windows XP system on another Seagate Barracuda 120GB hard disk drive. Let’s call the system hard disk, Drive 1, and the problematic spare HDD, Drive 2. My XP system with Drive 1 was working beautifully.

Earlier in the exercise I had disconnected Drive 1, and replaced it with Drive 2. I booted off a (floppy) i.e. disk 1 of DOS 6.22 in order to get at this logical drive, in the extended partition. But things went horribly wrong! (I’ll never watch CSI out the corner of my eye again.)

I thought I had the problematic HDD2 hooked up, so I booted my P4 and managed to get DOS6.22 to begin its installation onto the “C: drive”. I glanced under my desk to notice that I was actually formatting HDD1 instead of HDD2. Ah! I shut down my PC immediately and haven’t moved a file since.

HDD1 has (or used to have) multiple partitions in order to segregate my data from the OS and program files. I thought I may have a chance to recover my OS/ program files intact, because I had Ghosted C: containing these onto F: (i.e. partition 4). I also store my data on D: (partition 2), and keep a Ghost of D: on E: (partition 3).

I attempted to Ghost the backup of my OS/programs from F: (partition 4) back to C: (partition 1). However, on booting up from a Ghost 2003 floppy, my HDD1 seems to have become one large partition. Yikes!

What are my chances of redeeming my data please? Anyone got any suggestions. This is the dumbest thing I’ve done in over 18 years of owning PCs. I’ve almost backed up all my files on CDs, but not all are current or complete. I need to recover important data urgently. Anyone got the “right” help I need, like ASAP, please.


See if you can get hold of BadCopyPro software.


Try this:
Good luck :sad: :sad: :sad:



In my opinion Active@ Undelete can help you to restore data. It has the most powerful recover methods I’ve seen ever before.


too late , this thread is 3 months old :eek:


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