HELP! Hard Drive Dead?!?

ok, this is a HUGE EMERGENCY… my secondary work hard drive just took a big dump on itself… i came in this morning and there were 2 error messages (unfortunately, i blew past them without even thinking about it). Once i logged in tho, the hard drive (D:) wasn’t showing up… i restarted the system, and the system immediately went into a chkdsk mode with 3 phases… once it was done (which took forever) the computer started up again, i logged on, and everything was VERY slow… the desktop was about to load as usual when the screen went blank and stayed blank for a good 20min. i restarted and the same thing happened.

i unplugged the D: drive and everything went back to normal (ran smoothly at least). i continued to work without the drive plugged in since i had deadlines to meet today, but now i need to get to that drive. it was my MEDIA drive which contained all of my TV SPOTS, RADIO SPOTS, MUSIC, VIDEOS, etc. Everything that i need VERY VERY much…

i checked the BIOS on bootup again, and it reads that there are 2 drives installed when pluggeed in, BUT beyond bios, it doesnt show up thru “my computer” or even thru the command prompt.

DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEAS TO SAVE MY CONTENT?? IM DESPARATE HERE!! Please help and thank you VERY much in advance!

Has there been any sort of clicking noise coming from it? I hate to say it but there’s a chance that the drive is just dead. Best I can think of right now is to see if it’s a problem with your windows installation recognising the drive. Perhaps try booting to a LiveCD of Linux…one of these should do the trick: (don’t get the alternate install CD, as that isn’t live bootable) (choose either one of the links labelled “Live CD”)

Reboot with one of those in the CD drive and you should get a Linux desktop showing after a minute or two. From there open up a terminal (will be in the menus although they will be different depending on which of the CDs you chose).

Type or paste the following command:

sudo fdisk -l

When you’ve done that, copy and paste what is shown after that, and post it here. From that it will be obvious (presuming the Live CD acts as I’m thinking it will and at least mounts all the connected drives) if the drive is able to be detected by an operating system or if it is indeed dead.

Before doing anything radical, try running fdisk -mbr. You may have a corrupt master boot record. It is not that uncommon.

Get a copy of Runtime’s Getdataback and run it! This program has saved me many times when I thought I lost hundreds of gigs of valuable info. It’s really a life saver and it’s worth every penny! Good luck!