Help/guidance please

Hello all ive just started learning about computers and have started to copy cds/dvds for my own enjoyment using dvd shrink and decripter i am also a member of lime wire pro and enjoy watching movies i download onto my computer but woul like to be able to watch them from my living room away from my computer but shrink cant do this would nero7 be a product that would alow me to convert my files ive downloaded on my computer onto a dvd disc to watch in my own home also would i then be able to get rid of shrink and just use nero 7 to copy from disc to disc thanks in advanced please be patient with me as i really am very new to all this. ROB.

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Providing that movies that you download are not infringing any copyright, if you have a lot of these movies to convert a faster (and easier) solution could be to purchase a standalone player able to read also avi files. In these days there are many available in stores, and are not really costly.

I give you this suggestion because converting an avi into a video DVD can require a lot of time, based on the power of your computer. In my computer, for example, it is necessary about 8-10 hours to do such conversions (but actually my computer is not so powerful :()

thanks geno888 could you please give me some examples to check out if possible also what about nero 7 would it do the job for what ive explained

Sorry, I don’t have nero7, and I don’t know if it is able to convert an avi into dvd :frowning:

You can find a lot of information about standalones here