Help! gsa-h10n with verbatim dvd+r DL media

i bought a 30 pack of verbatim dvd+r DL media at sams club and most of the discs in the first 10 pack ive used are total ass. i havent had problems with this media till now like this. is there anything i can do about it for like a refund or something? i know its not my burner or computer. i cant figure out whats going on. ive tried using imgburn and its even worse than nero what usualy happens is theres very high pi errors sometimes pi failures at the first of the disc and always both near and after the layer break. has anyone recently bought one of these packs and experienced this many bad discs? could it be my burners going bad already? its using the JJ11 firmware and its always burned great to this DL media before. i also tried different versions of cd dvd speed and kb probe for liteon scanner and they all report bad results. the LG burns good to all other verbatim media. thanks for any help and feedback.

scan 1

scan 2

“403 Forbidden” - you’d be better off attaching the scans to your post :wink:

(and you might like to save them as .png) :slight_smile:

oops. the photos are too big to upload on this website. i use 1900x1200 res. just backspace to the .jpg part. that worked for me.

Ah OK, will do. We usually save as .png from within KProbe or CD-DVD Speed - the pics are then sharp and small enough to attach :slight_smile:

Edit: OK, that was a bit of a pain to view even at 1280 x 1024 resolution :wink:

Anyway - since you’re scanning with a LiteOn 1693S, scan at 4x since that’s forum standard for 3S and older drives :slight_smile:

oh ok. i’ll do that next time. i edited the links, they should work now.

See my edit, you might like to re-run the scans :slight_smile: - I’m guessing they’ll look a bit better error-wise.

No work for me.

sorry im trying to get the images to work. i hate webshots :a

what button do you push in cd dvd speed to capture the screen?

edit: nvm, i found it lol right in front of my eyes!

yea im actualy on xp pro 32bit right now. this scan isnt looking too good, i believe its worser than the others when it scans at max. i didnt know i should scan at 4x, i thought max was fine. i never tried scanning slower heh.

ok heres the scan at 4x

The little floppy-shaped icon in the top right :slight_smile: (if you don’t have that I’m guessing you’re running Vista).

heres another scan from another disc, it appears to be better but still high error count to me. is this acceptable or could it be better for for this type of media and say a different firmware/crossflash? ive read this drive can be crossflashed to an h12 i think so i didnt know if it provided better quality burns on DL media. i mostly saw dvd+r scans.

Hmmm…what speed did you burn at?

max which is 6x, the media is rated at 2.4x.

Could just be a so-so batch. Maybe try the burn speed a notch lower for this batch.

^Made in India or Made in Singapore?
Moser Baer made DL discs have been pretty spotty, to say the least. Ensure they’re made in Singapore…