Help Gsa-5169d

Hi all,

I have the lg 5169D, and work perfectly, but recently and change my PC, and when i try install the software “one touch” the cd-rom “origiraly” that came with the LG give me error, that error is that the cd is eligivel, is broken, so i have the pacth of site of LG, but i need the original software of “one touch”.

Any one can help me??

ps** sorry my english**

Welcome your english is good, go to, select OEM software downloads and look to see if your software is there, if not you can call them and they will send out another copy of it if you ask nicely! I had to do it once :D!

Hi, thx but this site it´s the same site that i look and i call them, of course in Portugal (portuguese), but they tell me that they no longer make this software, i tell me another site (in japonese) and i try look in that site and i make many downloads but no one works.

If you have the software or know someone that have, tell me and we do something to get this software for me.

Now i work in “debut” software, and i can make copys, but the button “one touch” didn´t work, so i copy to PC than to DVD…

Thx again, and if you can, help me.