Help GSA-4163B, GSA-4167B

Please help me with this problem,
I’ve two DVD-RAM drivers GSA-4163B working in the same PC, they are working as an archive system, one of them is now fault, I purchased GSA-4167B and installed it with GSA-4163B, I used the software included with GSA-4163B, the computer saw the old one as a DVD-RAM, but the new one saw it as a normal DVD, I tried to download a driver I found one (2KDrv5026BHAOEMEN.exe) but it couldn’t help, so would you please help me with this, its really urgent?
Note 1:The both DVD burner are connected to the secondary IDE as Master/Slave.
Note 2:All the settings are correct (Master/Slave…)
Note 3:The OS iis Windows 2000 Advanced Server SP4

I wouldn’t connect both drivers to the secondary ide channel.
You only need to have one ram driver installed.

See here :