Help! Great-Grandma installed a zip drive, now nothing works!

Help! I attempted to install an external iomega zip drive (parallel port) to my granddaughters computer. It’s a pretty basic system, 10 gig HD partitioned into 3 drives. Running 2000 professional NT. 256 ram, Pentium 3.

After installing the software, I was directed to reboot, meanwhile plugging in and turning on the zip drive.

Oh my gosh, when I did this, all heck broke out. I can’t get into Windows at all, it just keeps rebooting. When the screen first comes up I have the choice of going to win prof or the dos prompt. This was set up this way and I have always chosen the win prof. When I choose win prof, it appears to be running normal until I get to about 75% then it resets itself.

When I go to the dos prompt, the message I get is: My original config files have been renamed config.upg and autoexec.upg and are located in the C:\MSDOS7 Directory. Since I managed to screw this all up I didn’t want to attempt anything until I was directed.

I can also use the F8 key which brings me to window that says windows 2000 advanced options menu. No help there either.

I can also get to CMOS but don’t have a clue as to what to do.

Please help in anyway you can. I feel just terrible. This all seemed so simple to just install an external zip but now my granddaughter computer is dead.

I am a 60 year old Great-Grandmother so please assist me with step by step directions since I’m obviously not too bright.

Thank you so much in advance for all of your help and assistance. I wouldk be forever grateful if this is resolved before I have to tell her that her computer died or should I say that Grandma killed it? :bow: :sad:

Sounds like the install dropped an incompatible driver in there - rooting it out is tricky. I’m assuming that the parallel port ZIP is just too old to be compatible.

Is there anything like a restore point you can switch back to, or boot into recovery console off the Win2000 CD? - that’s about the edge of my understanding of these OSes.

Not killed the system, but the installation of Windows may be FUBAR - unless a reasonably practical way of undoing it can be found, it may be reinstall time.
Craig says this approach worked fine until he installed Iomega’s Zip Tools, at which point he developed some fairly serious problems. Stay away from Zip Tools and you should be OK. (now to find what you do if you DID use them).

From another site, PPA3NT.SYS is a possible suspect, if you can get to a DOS prompt that can access the directory it’s in - possibly C:\Winnt\System32\drivers - then I’d be tempted to rename (not delete) it - PPA3NT.SYX (and put it back as before if it doesn’t resolve) - old NT drivers tend to be thrown at Win2K/XP by software that doesn’t understand it - and it sounds like a problem a frind had with an old scaner and SCSI - bad driver rendered the system unbootable.

Okay, here’s the latest on my dilema:

I have gotten to the c: prompt, then I got to MSDOS7>

Here is what the screen reads:

You are using automatically generated configuration files. Your original configuration files have been renamed config.upg and autoexec.upg and are located in the c:\MSDOS7 directory.

Now what? Can I attempt to fix this miserable problem? How? I will need step by step instructions as I don’t have a clue, just trying what has been suggested here and at another site.

TIA :bow: :sad:

Boot to Safe Mode by hitting “F8” as Windows is starting. Once into W2K remove/uninstall the zip drive applications and drivers. Reboot…


I am not able to boot to Safe Mode by hitting the F8 key. I cannot get to windows that way, however I am able to get to the C prompt then the windows directory.

When the system boots and I push the delete key it shows me, ram, floppy disk, dvd player and cd rw but no hard drive. The message I get now is Primary IDE channel no 80 conductor cable installed, so I guess it isn’t reading my hard drive right?

I’m still trying to locate the the zip drive applications and drivers in DOS, don’t know what else to do.

CMOS shows the hard drive but I think the error is where it has precomp, there is a zero, the other partitions show 65535. Perhaps that is where one of the problems are. I also was not able to go back to the last good configuration. Now What? :bow:

Frankly, booting to DOS doesn’t fix the problem. You have no ability from DOS to edit your W2K configuration.

The error message ‘bout the 80 pin cable is insignificant at this point. Your original post said that you had a 10Gig hardrive, that would probably not be ATA100 and therefore would not require a 80 pin cable. If that’s the only drive in the system then you clearly have access to the drive, you are booting to DOS as well as being prompted for the Last Known Good Config when attempting to boot W2K.

For the time being, ignore CMOS. The motherboard auto-detects drive parameters and you have no reason to believe it’s in error. The problem arose when loading the zip-drive applications and parallel port driver so it is wise to not over analyze. The solution frankly is to remove the apps and drivers that cause the problem. In order to do, you will have to get the machine up in the safe mode. If that can’t be accomplished, take the machine to a qualified tech. Alternative solutions such as a parallel installation, repair installation, or trouble-shooting hardware is not something you can accomplish with a little help from this forum………

Good Luck………. :wink: