Help getting started with right hardware

I want to make backup copies of DVD’s and Cd’s. I have a CD burner now.
Looking to get a DVD burner(possibly a BenQ 1620). Do I need a DVD reader to go with the DVD burner or would on esuffice? I want to start off with the right hardware,then I’ll do my research on how to acually do it.

A DVD burner will read DVD’s. No need to waste money on two drives when one is good enough.

you don’t really need two, but you will learn that different burners have different strengths

me personally, i have an NEC writer for “quality burns” with a variety of media but NEC’s are not known for their reading ability
i also have a Liteon 1633 for reading and kprobing discs because they are not the best burners because they are picky with their media (really only like +R)