Help getting rid of commercials in dvd

i burned a football game , and i wanted to know how to get the commercials out of the game. i have dvd shrink,dvd decrypter,any suggestions.

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To cut some parts from a video DVD the easyest way is to use a DVD authoring tool such as TMPGenc DVD Author.

With DVD Shrink is a bit more complicated, and is not possible to produce a single title dvd. If you want I can explain the procedure, but the best result is obtained with a dvd authoring soft

geno888s right it can be done with dvdshrink but will be a little labourious, if you want the free option but dont mind a bit of work. follow the links in a thread which i prepaired ealyer :slight_smile: clicky

thank you, i will try it. im still learning

Don’t forget Windows Movimaker. Not hard to use, actually works pretty well

A per your pm: You did not say what format you captured in or how it was put on the DVD. Example is it an .avi or a .mpg burned as a data dics or did you convert it to true DVD material. Do you still have the orginal capture file?

I used a DVD Recorder hooked up to my TV to tape a football game. I used DVD +R in the recorder to record the game. In taping the game, all the commercials were on their too. I now want to remove them. Note, that I didn’t convert anything after the recording of the game was finished. I put the recorded game into the DVD Rom drive on my computer, and tryed to open it with Windows Movie Maker. I couldn’t find it because it wasn’t the right format. When I go to windows explorer and find it, I go to properties and it says DVD Format. So how would I go about editing this DVD with Windows movie maker?

Can you check what file extensions you have?

Do you have .VOB and .IFO and .BUP files?

Check your documentation for your recorder. I believe you will find that you need to “finalize” the dvd, or there is an option to save the dvd in different formats.

“.VOB and .IFO and .BUP files?” Raider that would make it a true DVD format so you going to have to use what was susjested above. Movie maker don’t do DVD formats. Another option is to rip the disc and turn it into another form but I dont know how bad that will mess up quality. If all else fails use the fast forward button. If it was that Denver game leave in the ad’s. More fun then Denver :bigsmile:

ps: See you left out the part about using a standalone TV burner. That changes the rules. I record to hard drive in mpg or avi format first, then edit, then burn.

Thanks for all the help, and yes the commercials were better than the game. heres another stupid question, explain how you record to harddrive in mpg, i assume your tv run through your computer.

Yes I have an ATI Radon All in Wonder tuner capture card.
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