Help Getting Images OnTo Nero Please

can someone help plz how can i put 2 images on to nero for a dvdor should i say the bin/cue sheets help plz it is sending me mad

… uuh, I don’t exactly understand your question, but a image is always created of what it’s
. . made of. Means a image of a CD is for burning on CD, same for DVD. If you wanna burn
. . two images (CD) on DVD to save or later use (burning) just create a Data Disc

… if you’re thinking about two images as two movies, things will be a bit more complicate,
. . cause you need DVD Authoring Software and finally reencoding for one new image.
. . There are a lot of threads about this here … just have a look at the other boards

… for burning DVD-Compilation with Nero just look here

… hope, it helps a bit :wink:

thanks it does help a bit 2 parts of a film that i got on my comp and i needed to find out how to but both images from vcd/svcd on to 1 dvd disk and dont know how to burn both images together so i have the film on 1 disk