Help -- getting EOF error flashing 3540

I’m using necflashX 1.49 and binflash 1.22 on Mac with OSX, 10.3.9. The 3540 is connected to IDE, master, only drive on that bus. I can successfully flash with NEC’s fw version 1.03. If I try to flash using any other firmware, including the original 1.01, I get an immediate error message about an unexpected EOF. Hard to understand why 1.03 will flash OK but nothing else will. Have tried Liggy’s 103bt, orig 1.01, 101bte, etc. All respond with same EOF error message.

What’s happening here? Is there a work around? No access to a PC, or I’d try that…

TIA for any insights!

A bit more info – Here’s the Binflash error report:

Reading firmware version…
sh: -c: line 1: unexpected EOF while looking for matching `"’ (NB that’s backward apost, quote, apost.)
sh: -c: line 2: syntax error: unexpected end of file
Now all work is done

Yet more info – Dumping the successfully flashed NEC v 1.03 fw to the desktop and then trying to reflash with it results in the same EOF error!

Sounds like one of your other programs is broken. This definitely is not a Binflash error message. Maybe something is wrong with NecflashX?

Thanks, Liggy – Definitely could be problem with necflashX, but it works when i run the NEC firmware that I’ve downloaded from NEC…

I am not sure how to run binflash from the OSX Terminal program… Something seems not to work when i try it. Perhaps some support sw is needed I don’t have. I’ll keep playing.