Help getting access to created data CD

Im having trouble accessing a cd I made. I put together a cd of several programs i use often for fixing various pc issues and a little gui to run it all from the cd.

anyway, now whenever i put the disc in trying to run it, i get an error saying the CD expired several days ago and then prompts me for a cd unlock code to gain access. I can explore the disc, it just wont autorun for the gui.

is there anyway to find out what the unlock code has been set to or how to disable the expiration check? thanks.

Erm. Pardon! If you made the cd, how is it possible that it has expired or that it has an unlock code that is unknown to you? :confused: :disagree:

well i didnt setup any copy protection during the burn, at least as far as i know, thats why i need to know if i can undo it.