Help gettin an external cdrw drive

Hi. I had a liteon cdrw 48126s and for some odd reason it just died, so I’m thinking about buying a new one, but this time an external cdrw. What are some good external cdrw drives out there that are good at copying the latest protection standard cds? Thanks for your help.

You could always just get a Lite-On or LG or whatever you want in an enclosure.

Thanks for your reply bad religion. Would that cost more than an external cdrw? Where can I get the enclosure for a cdrw, because I’ve never heard of an enclosure for a cdrw, just for a hard drive. Do the enclosures support usb 2.0?

I am thinking about getting an external Memorex drive since I think it may be an OEM Lite-ON> That would be fun to play with. Yes you can get external enclosures that support USB 2.0 and optical drives.

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