!help gamejack 5

can u help me out i copy a dvd and when it was done i put it into my dvd players and it didnt work good.

it would start to play then it would stop but u can here the ppl talking then the dvd player would play and then stop and then u can still here the ppl play.

did i do something worrg and if yes can u help me plz.

First of all I need more details from you. Recordable DVDs come in different “flavors” and there is the general problem of compatibility involved. Certain writers work best with certain media brands, and on the other hand your standalone players like or dislike other certain brands. If you are sure that the data that you put on the DVD is correct, you are just encoutering this compatibility problem. There is no generic solution other than the common recommendation of trying different media.

You can also post your writer, media and standalone player brand names, models, etc. and see if someone else has a similar appliance and possibly a solution about which media to use for best results.