HELP! *frustrated*

i decided to delete what i thought was unnecessary software and progz and now when i go to burn a copied dvd it says the file i wanna burn is too large! i noticed the log and it says it turned my movie into a mpeg…dunno if thats normal or what. i also deleted pcouffin and i dunno if i needed that to burn. im using clone dvd2 and any dvd. i can rip any dvd, just cant burn a damn thing. HELP! I also tried to write existing files and i keep getting various errors!

Is CloneDVD telling you that the file is too large after it has transcoded it? Are you sure you have the correct settings in Clone? You should have it set to DVD-5…maybe you accidentally changed it to DVD-9. Check the bottom of the “Title Configuration” screen (I believe the second filmstrip). See if its set to DVD-5 and not 9.

i just whant to know how to get my hard drive space back evrytime i copy a movie it takes some of my hard drive i also leave it chect wher it says to dalelate the files after but nothing i also go to searh on my computer to see if i can find them but nothing i put vide_ts file thanks

Using Norton recycle bin or somthing similar?

Has anyone compared these two…just wondering which one was better…opinions please