Help ! Free software to burn data files?

I’m looking for a free software to take any data files on my HD (like .mp3 .exe .zip etc) and burn them on a DVD-R. To back-up my HD and also so that I can play my backed-up mp3 from my DVD-R.

I searched all around (now the search function doesn’t work !!??).

I have DVD decrypter to burn a .iso file. I have imgburn but haven’t used it yet.

I have downloaded Alcohol but it is a trial version.


Not quite sure what you are after, what software do you usually use to burn files to your dvd burner?

You can either create an iso/image and burn it using the tools you have mentioned or try with cdburnerxp.

Here are some links to free burning software:

ImgBurn (burns “images” of CDs and DVDs but cannot be used to burn files).

AVS Disc Creator Free (I haven’t really tried this one).

CDBurner XP Pro (It’s a bit unstable in my experience).

DeepBurner Free (I haven’t really tried this one).

You can use DoISO to create the iso for use with ImgBurn. I saw another thread recently about backing up mp3’s to dvd with iTunes, it may well be what you’re looking for. You should be able to find it when Search is working (works here).

THANKS A LOT everyone, :bow:

[B]I hope that this thread can be used to continue posting software names to create iso files from data files; and backup software[/B] for not just dvd movies.

I will seriously into this. I had been using A LOT of good and free software like FixIt4me, VTSfix, Decrypter, Shrink, Pgcedit, imgburn, CRC32, VobEdit, etc…, etc… and burning a lot of DVDs but couldn’t back up simple important personal files :disagree:

Just like a shoe repair man that wears shoes with holes :bigsmile:

I had reinstalled COMPLETELY WinXp and discovered that the Sonic disc was not available :a

I just discovered (but not yet tested) that I can do drag-and-drop :clap:

It was very discouraging to do a simple search 4 “burning, data, backup, free” and get everything else. And then the search function stopped working at 4am.


Windows XP has builtin CD Recording which is a drag-and-drop interface to burning CD-R/RW media. It doesn’t support writing to DVD media however - for that you need to install some kind of burning program(s).

DVDISO here. This is a great free program and it now supports it’s own burning engine too.

I finally got drag-n-drop to work with DVD+RW on laptop :iagree: …AFTER I completely totally royally crashed XP :a The only way to get the computer to work again was to shutoff the power (shutdown didn’t work at all), restart XP, enter my password and then it would not load taskbar, startbar, etc… I would get a completely blank screen and no error messages and no old faithful blue-screen. I then used an old trick of putting back the disk (DVD) and reboot with the useless blank DVD+RW. It booted up fine but XP erased ALL my 1GB of temp internet files ??? Everything else looks fine ???

It was making all my files on DVD permanently read-only.

After rebooting I finally did a backup of my 4GB of important files using drag-n-drop. I can delete, and replace files.

It seems to be using Sonic Roxio DLA 5!?. I don’t remember where this came from. Maybe from Dell WinXP complete reinstall DVD or Dell burner or driver upgrades.

DLA is from Roxio of course, so it maybe came with Winoncd or cdcreator…