Help!~~~Forgot password to .rar compression



Hi guys…ive compressed some files of a prog im working for school with winRAR…and i have forgotton the password…is there a way i can access the files…please im desperate…do i require hacks or anything…i need to access the files urgently


If you have used WinRar then try.

Havn’t had to use it yet. If this fails then try searching on google for a WinRar passsword cracker.


the only way to recover the password now is to use a brute force or wordlist attack on the file using a program such as the one previously suggested. another program u can try using is Advanced RAR Password Recovery. however, be warned that either of these methods (and any other brute force methods) will require a lot of time if the password is long and is not a common word, and i mean A LOT of time. the required length of time increases exponentially with every additional random variable it must consider.


Yea, and if its too long it may even take a time period of months. I wrote one of these quirky brute force progs in my algorithms class back in school, and as a lesson to us we experimented on this exponential tike increase as the size of the original problem increased and it wasn’t pretty… :wink: