Help for the Newbie2



I wish i could live in some Metropolitan area like New York, LA or Houston… But here… There are none of those… Im happy enough i dont need to order everything off of Ebay or Amazon(which is how i got the original Spellforce)

As for the only legal alternative
With media that isnt liscened in a country there are no laws regulating its copy. IE- Anime from Japan that does have the ADV stamp on it :slight_smile: So the 2 spell force expansions have no laws regarding them in the US…

Again, i’m 100% sure one the above, it is NOT illegal. Lack of liscencing in the US means that there is nothing to regulate it. Youre wrong here. Check out things like ANime Fan Subs, theyre on the web all over until ADV or CPM buys it up. This is the same, and since Jowood has twice upon my asking said they both havnt given rights to a US corp to publish and have no plans to, this is inherently LEGAL.

Also, i did read your rules and did see that aslong as its not warez or illegal its allowed, this is neither.

And at the very least i can justify my actions as legal, i wonder how many hundreds of people use the information on this site to do things that arnt actualy legal like making copies of DOom3 or something.


Da Taxman’s job is to enforces the rules. I don’t think he is supposed to interpret them. You should email Jan at [font=Arial][size=2][font=Verdana][font=Verdana]jw.aldershoff@[no spam]

He’s the head of the forums.


I wrote the rules.

Reposting this for a third time shows a complete disrespect for the rules, the forum and me.

Consider yourself banned as of now!