Help for the newbie



Hi guys

I did read the intro’s to try to figure out what I am doing wrong, however I could not.

I bought the dark knight today and like everyone else I want to put it on my zune as an MP4.

I used to use DVD decrypter to rip the files, then used Autogordian knot, then videora to convert it to mp4.

I am stuck I want to conver the dvd to Mp4 but can not figure out how.

I just downloaded the beta.

Thank you for the help!


Try a few things. First is your reader writer good enough. Next DFAB works great. AVS is also a good program for Zune or phone media. Make sure you choose the right display setting 240x320 and so on. A lot of this “Hobby” is hit or miss. But it is fun. If you dont understand this blog then read on from others.


Ok thanks

I can open up the file and use this software to copy it to my HD. I am not able to select any of the video options. Is there anyway to do that with this program? Can i make it an AVI file or MP4?