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Okay guys, I loved the original SpellForce, had a fit of joy when I found out it was going to have 2 AddOns. Unfortunately for me, I live the USA where neither is going to be released… After much internal turmoil I decided find Images for them. The English version of the latest one (shadow of the Phoenix) wont be out until the 18th… But the first of the 2 finished Downloading successfully last night. So I opened it with WinISO and tried to install it, and it prompted me to insert the CD… I know that this topic has gone on this forum about 2 dozen and that going around Securom is a joke to you all, I however am more than a little mystified and would be much obliged to receiving a little step by step (as in from Downloading whatever programs and from where ill need) walkthrough in very layman terms. Please don’t link me to another walkthrough I’ve seen a few with the search option here and at about the same point they all fail for me.
Since it seems to be important i can tell you that my drives are

Also since I know this will be branded as WAREZ by some, this isn’t. Why, because the game wont be released in the US, and there are few if any (and certainty none where I live) stores that sell programs from overseas that lack US licensing. Therefore because this program doesn’t have a distributor in the US or a retailer that carries it here, and more importantly its not listened here its not Warez. Compare it to Downloading Anime from Japan as the show is still on air in Japan, its not illegal because its unlicensed in your own nation.


I think you should check out a local computer show. Some vendors sell games that come from europe and asia.

Even if they don’t have what you are looking for they might be able to get it for you if you ask.


My small town doesnt exactly have any small vendors, only really have one place that sells games at all… A Walmart with an electronics section… As for Software or Electronics shows? I wish…


It’s the only legal alternative that I can think of. Small vendors like those at computer shows are more willing to help custromers with “small” needs that the big ones like walmart and best buy don’t.


Nope, this was not accidentally deleted…

If it isn’t sold in you region, and no license if available, download doesn’t make it legal.

Illegal request. Please respect CD Freaks by respecting our rules.

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