Help for someone who has no idea what they are doing

I bought a cheap CD/DVD recorder from newegg (a Sony NEC Optiarc 18X DVD±R DVD Burner). It seems to work fine, plays and records CDs, but I get all kinds of error messages with DVDs. When I try to play a DVD, I get the message that a compatible DVD decoder is not installed on your computer. I have not installed anything new and the Windows Media Player is the automatic default and is where I am getting the error message.

When I try to burn data onto the DVD, I get the message that no supported dvd recorders detected on system. Again, I have not installed anything new, and Roxio is the default where this message is coming from.

Please help a computer idiot! I just want to burn the zillion files I have on my hard drive before my computer dies :wink: and if I have to do it on CD, it will take me the next 8 years of my life. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Diane and WC! DL VLC for better media player IMO, use IMGBurn ,what media type are you using? what speed are you burning? what type of files are you trying to backup??? …
I also have a NEC burner from Newegg BTW,that I use for reader and occasionally use to burn w/o errors,but I only use Verbatim media and IMGburn… :slight_smile:

Windows Media Player does not play dvds by default in Windows XP. You need a third party decoder. As t0nee1 pointed out, you can use VLC as a media player for dvds since it supports dvd playback, but I prefer PowerDVD for this task. It isn’t free like VLC though! I believe Media Player Classic is another free media player with support for dvds if you want an alternative. You can find all of these programs through Google.

Like t0nee1, I also prefer Imgburn, which is a free burning program. Go to their site at and read the guides in their forum.
I don’t use Roxio, so I don’t have any constructive advice for you with it. Is there an update for the program available for download?

Verbatim media is highly recommended, as well as Taiyo Yuden, though I’m not sure about availability of TY in Australia. Another possibility are the CMC made +R disks sold under the HP brand if you can’t find the first two.

If you are buying 16x media, I would stick to 8x or 12x burning speeds once you get everything working.

Thanks for the replies. Mostly, I plan on using the burner to burn images and short video clips (.jpg and .mov files) along with some powerpoint and work related files. Will imgburn work with these file types?

I will also check LC and Power DVD.

Yes Imgburn can work with most anything in Build mode. I do advise going into their forums and looking through the guides in there…it will help you get started with the program.

And that is VLC.

Yup, VLC (VideoLAN Media Player, just google for their website & download) is all you need. Uninstall Windows Media Player from Windows Components (just like you do with Internet Explorer using Firefox or Opera instead :wink: ).

Which version of Roxio do you have? Easy CD & DVD Creator 5 won’t work with your new drive. Version 6 might, with the latest Drive Update. Later versions (7, 7.5 etc.) should be OK.

Can you confirm the NEC/Optiarc’s model no.? Oh, and double-check that the first DVD’s you burn are readable. You wouldn’t be the first who finds they aren’t, after deleting the burned files from your hard drive :slight_smile: .

Well I feel foolish. :o With the name DianeInOz I thought you were in Australia. Just noticed that you bought your burner from Newegg. You can find Taiyo Yuden media at Newegg or or if you want to try them.

There is only one OZ = Kansas the state to my right :bigsmile: right Diane :stuck_out_tongue: :iagree:

Did i say right? :doh: i meant left :iagree:


Thanks for the help everyone, seems to be working now!