Help for Newbie - Which burn is Best?

I just got a new BenQ 1640 and have tried a three media and two firmwares on it. Here are the scans of the discs I made. I would appreciate some feedback on which seems like the best solution. If the longevity of the TY02 MIJ is much better then that should probably be weighted. The first TY02 scan is of an 8X burn and the second is of a 12X burn. The three MMC scans are at 12X burn as they were dramatically better than the not posted 8X MMC burns

Thanks a lot for your feedback. I am slowly coming up to speed.

Montana Rane

All these burnings are good. In my opinion the order (from better) is:

5 - 2 - 1 - 4 - 3

Any thoughts about media longevity / scratch resistance as a factor? 5 looked really good to me as well but 2 and 1 on the MIJ TY02 didn’t seem to suck. Some postings seem to argue that good enough is good enough and to think about other factors.

Both TY and verbatim are durable media. Storing away from direct sunlight help durability. Also avoiding little babies augment durability of a disc :bigsmile: