Help for NEC 3500A related question from a noobie

Hello there, I just bought a NEC 3500A, installed it and flashed it with beta 8 F/W from Liggy’s post. I burned my first DVD succesfully and all (at 6x only, scared of the results) but I saw a lot of people talking about: Bit settings. I search on the forum and got the general idea, but my question is why change it? I quite don’t get it. And if it is intersting, how do I change de bit settings on my writter and keep the beta 8 F/W that seems to kick ass. So if anyone could light me up there it would be great.


if it ain’t broke don’t fix it…if the dvd’s play in whatever you want to play them in then leave it the way it is…untill you run into a problem then try a different f/w…just my 2 cents.

bitsetting is +r’s way of achieving compatability. Some older readers don’t like the booktype (set by the first 6 bits on a disc I believe) to be DVD +R or DVD +RW Or DVD+R DL. And so some burners with the right firmware allow you to change the booktype. To DVD-ROM so the old players are ‘faked’ into thinking that the +r disc is actually a -ROM disc.

That is my understanding of it. I hope I explained it clearly for you and that I didn’t fill you with too much misinformation.

CDFreaks bitsetting article

Bitsetting tools for NEC drives:

Herrie’s 2.17 firmware with bitsetting tool included

Binflash flashing and bitsetting tool

And most importantly:

Forum search function

thx for the article link that’s what I was searching for in the forum but with no luck, I can now die less stupid.

I just made 2 more dvds and saw in dvd shrink options in the backup screen, that I can now chose to change the bit settings of the dvd and it seems to work since nero cd/dvd speed reads it as a DVD-ROM. But I won’t bother flashing since all my other dvds (burned with a dru500a) are working perfectly and I never could change the bit settings with that piece of junk. (never managed to burn in more than 2x on any media even with proper firmware update)

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I want to join the 2x club for Nec ND3500AG :slight_smile:

have to use Pioneer 105 meanwhile :slight_smile:

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There is a lot of media that can be burnedat 2x only :wink:
And most of them are “crap” in my opinion.