Help for liteon 812s@832s


i patched liteon 812s to 832s then to sony dru700 and now i doesnt read

any disk and the green light blink

it’s my liteon dead??

can someone tell me if can do something for my driver??


I dont know whether you did something wrong while flashing your drive.

But if you have come across to such condition then last thing to do
is to use Mtkflash program o recover your drive.

Search the web for it and you will see.

Do not worry. The flashing green led simply means that the original 832 firmware will not work on a 812 drive. Use omnipatcher on the firmware you want to use, select the crossflash option which will disable the firmware checksum check, flash the omnipatched firmware to your drive and smile again :slight_smile:

Everyone is so interested in flashing the drives (myself included) to achieve better performance.It would be nice if we all read a little more before hand and backed up our original fw. and eeprom for safe keeping…on all our drives…

:iagree: Very well said :wink:

If it aint broke, dont fix it!!!

No risk, no fun :slight_smile: