Help for case recommended for storage my discs

What is the most recommended type case to preserve my CD / DVD? I’ll buy my case to store optical discs

I´m storing my discs in jewelcases and the jewelcases in Really Useful Boxes, type 18c now.
Yes, it requires some space, but I have no trust in sleeves since I discovered they can damage the surface of optical discs by a chemical reaction.

I want pictures of the recommended case to store and preserve cd and dvd

You can get it in different colours, but clear/transpatent is it for me, so I can see at first glance what´s in it.
You can store CDs and DVDs in jewelcases in three rows or in DVD cases in two rows without giving away any space, You can stack them, even if they are full, they are relatively easy to handle.
They shouldn´t cost more than 10$/€/GBP per box.
They are produced for years now without any changes, unlike some similar cheap no name crap.

case transparent or black box is best to put the cd and dvd?

case dvd is good or bad for preserve cd and dvd media?

[QUOTE=retrogamer15;2780013]case transparent or black box is best to put the cd and dvd?[/QUOTE]

A jewelcase with a black tray or a paper inlay behind a transparent tray stored in a transparent box should be enough protection against UV light.

The black DVD case is good for storing CD and DVD media, but it requires more space than a JC.

a bad case because that defects in the disk?
dvd case warp the disc and scratch?

what the best case for preserve optical medias? help