Help For Building DVD Duplication System

Hi All,

I would like to request for help regarding CD/DVD Duplication via PC (PC Based)

I have a P4 3.06Ghz with 1GB RAM (without sata interface)

Which is the best option to add as many dvdrw drives as possible to burn simultaneously using software like nero?

I heard of people suggesting few options like

  1. Buy IDE Controller Cards and fix the drives
  2. Buy IDE-USB convertors and use the USB interface (external devices)
  3. Buy IDE-SATA convertos with the use of Sata Multiplier + PCI Sata(since motherboard doesnt support sata)

Which is the best possible option? and how many dvd’s can i possibly burn at one time?

Thanks for your help!

Read this thread DVD Duplicator System and it should answer most of your questions…

i guess its best to get a dedicated dvd copy controller card and use it?

if speed is not an issue, will normal ide controller cards be good enough to do the job?

It would seem to be the wise choice, and save yourself some hair pulling later…

Probably, but attempting to get a large number of drives running concurrently is not something that I would look forward to…
Based on your reply to the above referenced thread, you didn’t read that thread very carefully…

well, will the setup work if i used sata multipliers + ide-sata convertors then?

no mention on that anywhere though.

If you cobble enough converters together it may work…But then again…

Probably because it’s just a bad way to go…

My position is that you may be able to put together enough stuff to make it work, but the odds are against you…Some people here have problems getting 2 drives working together without issues…
Buy the ACard that suits your needs and forget the Rube Goldberg approach, unless you enjoy tinkering…

i would like to …

its for the office… price is an issue and i suggested to come up with the best possible budget system… which is why i thought of ide or ide-sata… since they only wanted 1:4 or 1:5 systems and its not exactly dedicated (only used when events are recorded onto dvd since office already has a dedicated cd burning system)

im not in the US and acard prices are very expensive here too… Will be checking out how to ship internationally - lots of implications involved as its for office and not personal one.

okie… so let me get this straight…

  1. get an acard/wryton dvd copy controller card
  2. get a good casing + good psu prolly getting a cm stacker 810
  3. hard disk + partitioning (for data image)
  4. normal cpu + motherboard

1 other qn… Office has this computer… is this specs okie for the duplication system (via controller card).
2.4Ghz CPU + intel motherboard (845chipset)
normal psu (doubt its true power supply)
256mb ram
20gb hdd

do i have to upgrade the ram + cpu in order to ‘maximise’ the throughput or is it not a limiting factor?


This is really not an appropriate thread for an NEWBIE forum.

I have a good friend that owns a duplication business.
We discussed the same options.
Yada, yada… it wasn’t any cheaper, but it was more fun to D.I.Y.S.
Then he found this, The Tower Of Power: .
You can get a decent unit for $2500.

Hope this helps,


PS, but it would be more fun to do it your self…

The processor your ok with. My system I use for duping has a 3200 AMD, a Sony (Lite-On) ripper and 3 BenQ burners and I ran into the issue of memory when I tried it with 512 of pc3200 OCZ. The first burn went ok but the second time around I started getting the lag of not enough RAM, and started getting spots.If your going to build it on your own then I recommend going atleast 1 GIG and checking that PSU, if your not going to get a pre-built burn box like what was listed above.

Hope that helps!

thanks, it does help. any dedicated controller card you are using? or just normal IDE controllers?

I went straight IDE.

Ok let me correct that the BenQ are on a generic IDE controller and the Sony was ran through the onboard IDE. I had to look, ha ha.

thanks! :slight_smile:

I may be reading that wrong but are you burning from a dvd disc straight three dvd burners on the fly? is that even possible?

Well, it is but I dont have the program to do it. The way mine is set up is in daisychain command. The Sony reads then stores to HD, then burns to 1 then 2 then 3. Not all at once. I dont think i have enough CPU power on that system to do that. I know at work they can do it but its a system with more power than what I have but its built the same way.