Help for a total newbie

I have just got myself a copy of DvdRemakePro and am a little confused at the moment. I have a copy of a movie that has been converted from DVD9 to DVD5 by removing the special features and placing them on separate disc. I now wish to preserve the original release and convert back to DVD9. So far I have worked out how to import the files to remakepro (easy lol) and I have managed to “sort of” replace the button that was removed for special features. However I am at a complete loss as to how to import everything from disc 2 to disc 1 and activate the button i have created. I dont seem to have an option to give the proper command for the button or something. I really am at a loss here. I have read a number of the guides and the questions posted here. However what I have read is either not entirely relevent to what I am trying to do or seems to be far more advanced than that which I wish to achieve.
I guess I am sort of pleading that someone can spend some time providing me with a bit of a walkthrough. Thanks in advance for any responders

Hi, what version do you have currently?

Wouldn’t it be easier to just obtain the copy from the original, unless you do not have it to begin with?

Depending on your disc was split and what program was used at the time, it could be easily combined or it could be very complicated depending on your dvd.

Some screenshots on the problem areas with explanations would be helpful before detailed advice can be given.

okies this gonna take ages lol. Ive never done screenshots before and Im not sure which bits are important to you. And nope i dont have the original source nor access to it. Ill try and post a couple of screenshots so that you may tell me whether theyre useful or not. BTW this is my first time trying to post any sort of picture anywhere hope it works.

woohooo seems to have worked

If you want to put two DVD together , just use Merge option with Remake.
Otherwise you can copy and paste each PGC from second DVD to first one, but than it will involve lots of command editing.
As for a additional text in menu. If there was a highlight and you just modify text above it just place a selection box over the highlight corresponding to a text, than it will work.
If this is a new text and highlight was not there before, even placing a box over will not highlight the text.
You will be able to pick it with your remount, but you will not see if you are over it.
In this case you will have to create a now menu with highlights and import it into your project.

[quote=DreadyG;2096786]woohooo seems to have worked[/quote] If you do not own the original disc it is illegal to make a copy. You may however backup your original disc. If this movie is copyrighted material you must own a copy of the original. :cop:

Otherwise you can copy and paste each PGC from second DVD to first one, but than it will involve lots of command editing.

Apart from being impractical and prone to error, it will not work if the stream attributes are not the same in each VTS. That’s why, when merging DVDs, DVDRMP makes new VTSs for each.


aahh mr blutach a fellow aussie. G’day. okies, as far as i know it is not copyrighted material. The movie I am trying to put back together is actually a previously “unreleased” documentary of the rolling stones in the 70s. Not sure on exact copyright laws on this but am pretty sure that providing money is not exchanged for said movie, individuals are free to trade such material. Hence a number of “bootleg” trade websites operating legally and following the law. In accordnace with relevant laws there exists a list of bands on the given website for which material is not to be posted.

Now i know I can just use the merge option but thats not really achieving what I want. That just means i have two discs on 1 disc.
Ill try and post some links to some more screenshots. I wont post the screenshots here cause I’m not sure about this forums rules on explicit language and the title of the dvd does contain some.
Am new to this posting photos so link might not work. If it does, however, this shows the title screen with the missing button for special features. The other day I placed a new button in there just under special features the same as the others. But i didnt know how to give it commands to do anything or even recognise it as a button.

If you tell me what screenshots you need i can post em and maybe you could walk me through some steps. Once ive done a couple I’m sure I’ll catch on. Thanks everyone so far for your replies.

Hmmm everyones gone quiet on me. Is there nobody te help :sad:

This quote is from the site you listed.

No torrent may distribute any material of artists, either individuals or bands, who do not agree to the electronic distribution of their [B]unofficially[/B] recorded live shows.

I think this is a reason nobody want to talk to you any more.

Exactly! It is illegal to share unofficially recorded live shows of bands which [B]do not agree[/B] to the electronic distribution of such material. Hence this list of bands which are not to be traded.

I would really like to put these DVDs back together if anyone is willing to help. I’m not well versed in finer details of copyright law, however, i do know that this web site is very quick to remove anything they see as a breech of their stated rules for posting based on their insight into the law. I am not trying to break the law, I simply wish to put these DVD’s back together and learn how to use this program along the way.

OK, but it is not going to be that easy. It will require other software to make a new menu and add highlights there where you added new text, than it will require some knowledge of commands to re navigate DVD.
For Menu some people use Photoshop, I use DVDLab. I think there is some explanation on How To in Remake manual.
Your new DVD will need dual layer disc, because if you compress combined DVD it will be too much of a compression to be good, almost 50%.

You have both open in two projects. Easiest would be to import project1 into 2 since there is only one VTS to worry about.
To do it, create new VTS in project2, add Menu domain by clicking on Add Language Unit.
Add 3 PGC under Menu and one under Program.
Than copy each PGC and append to corresponding PGC in new VTS. Enable audio.
This is easy part.
Now you have to add new Title in Title Window and add chapters, if any.
Once done you have to start adding commands to navigate to your new VTS from existing menu and back. This will have to be done through VMG PGC. You can create few(add new PGC), if you need.

:bow: wooohooo thanks for helping. I have attempted some of your advise so far and made a little bit of progress i think. I created new VTS in project 2 and created the PGC’s. I managed to append menu PGC 2+3 but for PGC 1 the append button is greyed out. I am not sure if it actually contains anything??. The main menu is PGC 2 as this link will show (language warning) Also I am not sure how to enable audio. Also I am curious as to why the file sizes of the PGC’s has decreased. PGC gone from 12mb to 1.13mb and PGC1 under program chains from 4305 to 4008mb. Anyways heres a piccy that might show progress so far.

lol and you say this is the easy bit, it took me a couple of hours. At least I am learning to navigate this program at same time.

oops big piccy will make it smaller next time.

Program PGC1 is small, because there is nothing enabled only picture.
Right click on PGC1, than open Audio Tab and click on audio stream you want to unable, than Edit Audio.
New window will open and you will see Unable box. Highlight it and that is it.
PGC 2+3 have picture, PGC1 is commands only, that is why you cannot copy it.
As for size in PGC2+3, I do not know what is in there, but again only picture is enabled.

I will be gone for couple of weeks, no Internet, so hope by than somebody else will help or you will solve it yourself, because the fun start now.
Good Luck.

ok I think i have enabled the audio for all the PGC’s. still few mb diff in size for PGC2+3.
Whadya mean you’ll be gone couple of weeks. Whadya mean the funs starting now. Cheers for the good luck I think I’ll be needing it.
Anyone else wanna jump onboard the DreadyG help line.
I’ll have a play around anyways. If I’m sitting shaking in a corner in the dark with my computer in pieces you’ll know somethings gone wrong

Anyone know a good place to start to learn to add the commands i’ll need

From your post #3, it appears that the movie is project1 and the bonus features is project2, correct? Perhaps you can explain this to me. What program was used to split the DVD9 into 2 DVD5? In project1, I can see there are menus (main menu and scene selection, I presume) in VTS 1 and there is some video in Video Manager/Menus en/PGC 1 - what is it? In project2, there is a menu in Video Manager/Menus en/PGC 2 and a menu in VTS 1/Menus en/PGC 2, and perhaps there are others in other VTSs. If a well-known program was used to split, it should retain the original dvd structure and the bonus features button shouldn’t be deleted so as to make merging back later easier. From your screenshots, it appears this was done manually.

From your post #15, adding PGCs manually is not really efficient and can result in size differences as shown. The proper way is to copy the VTS in 1 project and add the copied VTS to the other project.

Anyways, I think posting screenshots alone will not help solve your problem quickly. So here’s what you do:

  1. Start from the beginning, nothing is modified, in project1 (main movie), right-click on VTS1/Menus en and ‘Convert menus to still’. Then File/Export modified files to some temporary folder, called it ‘project1’. Zip project1 folder up.
  2. As for project2 (special features), if there are no motion menus in VTS 3-7, then just zip up ALL the IFOs, VIDEO_TS.VOB, and VTS_01_0.VOB from the project2 source folder.
  3. Upload these 2 zip files to some file hosting site, like

I’ll take a look further on how to make merging easier. Of course, there are different methods on how to do it. It’s a matter of preference.