Help for a newbie

I have quite a collection of VHS movies I want to copy to DVD. I’m concrned about the copyright protection on these tapes. Will the Lieton SE DVD recorder do the job, or do I need a seperate recorder and decoder?

Which LiteOn model are you talking about? Most can copy pre-recorded VHS tapes if a hacked version of the firmware is used to switch off Macrovision.

Try the ILO Hacker site at


Any other brands will do this deed? I am in need of backing up an old movie that is out of print.

A video stablizer sould help you out

CCRomeo is correct. I have my DVD recorder hacked for MV but I still use the stabilizer for picture quality. If you are interested you can find them at MCM Electronics for $19.99 last I knew. Its called a Digital Video Stabilizer part no. 80-4280.
Hope this helpped you out. This will not work DVD to DVD only VHS to DVD.

The Macrovision hack for the LiteOn recorders seems to work for VHS copying on all but the latest series of recorders - the A740/760 series. Works on my 5055GDL+.


The Macrovision hack works on 50xx models, but works on no models beyond that. FYI the hack also makes 50xx region free and enables 3 hour recording as well.

The Macrovision hack doesn’t always make the recorder Region Free - it justs drops the Region code by 1. If you are in the US then it goes from 1 to 0 (region free) but if you’re in Europe it goes from 2 to 1 (Region 1).

You then need the 2960 hack on the remote to get to Region Free.

The hack reduces the Region Code by 1 because the Macrovision flag gets set from 0 to 1 and so this keeps the file’s checksum correct (otherwise the recorder would reject it).