Help for a newbie

So I just got a dvd burner yesterday…here’s my problem. I’m using Nero and I’ve got three separate video files that I want to put on my compilation, but It won’t let me drag more than one set of them into the VIDEO_TS folder. I thought maybe I could create separate folders within that folder but it won’t let me do that.

possibly because the total will be too large to fit on a dvd disc or the names of the files are not correct

Niether. They were .avi files that I changed to dvd, but the file names are all output the same. I burned them with other programs, but they don’t want to play in both my dvd players. It plays in my magnavox but not in the old rca.

It plays in my magnavox but not in the old rca.
Sounds like a media issue.

baj24, are you saying that you have, for example 3 or 4 video_ts folders and you want to combine these into one video_ts folder? If so then you can or in theory you can, using nero vision express you can import the vob files from the various video_ts folders and create a new compilation using make dvd and then import file and select your video_ts.vob file, it will ask you to join all the vob files togeather for inport, say yes, or otherwise you’ll have lots of seperate clips.

How do I put two files named “VTS_01_1.VOB” in the VIDEO_TS folder. I thought I could rename on of them but it won’t let me. What do I do?

Okay so I started out with three separate .avi files and I changed them to dvd. The output file names I have are…

So here’s my problem… All three video files have the same file names, so when I try to add the video files to the VIDEO_TS folder it won’t let me … I’m sorry I suck at explaining this I hope I’m being clear.

Its okay, i understand what your getting at, adding the files manually to the video_ts folder will not work, however as i have said its easier to let nve3 recode these files or more accurately let nve3 create a menu for your multiple files. Using add video files select the video_ts.ifo file from the video_ts folder and nve3 will then have added the video file, now go back to add video and select the other video_ts.ifo file from the other video_ts folder, and so on until nve3 lists all your video files. It dont matter when importing if all the files have the same name because the original locations will all be different. Then hit next button and create a menu to access these videos. Choose hard-drive folder and not burn direct to disk, this way you can check to see if this has worked correctly.

To add files manually, the only way to do this is to use ifoedit and edit the ifo file and point to the various vob files:


Add additional files as


and so on


However info on how to do this, i cant help with, since i’ve never used this program, its just easier to use nve3 to put these vob files all togeather.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I finally got it…your help worked 2dividedby0!!!