Help for a good alternative, please :)



Hello guyz!
After my very bad esperience with Mummy Crew
and very good esperience with Warezzmaffia,
I wish to know Your judgement about other
dealers on the net, since I’m looking to
find another good dealer (twice is better than one , and know other bad boys, in order to avoid other sad experiences!
Thanks to all in advices.

Richard from Italy.


Like I told you I’m awaiting the CD’s I ordered from Warezmaffia… The only thing I keep on hearing in the forum, is not to order from CDHolland…

Other dealer, like liquid, seems to be trusted too. But I don’t have any experience with them…

As it seems now, the best deal you can get is with Warezmaffia…

Scraface Rulezzz


Thanks Peter, nice from You, seems You’re
my best support here