Help for a crashed Windows XP OS

Not looking for help but thought I’d let you all know about this guide I found that just saved my @$$ ! . I was fooling with a XP system and tried removing Roxio completely with horrible results . Then I tried fixing it and just made it worse . Normally I would just reformat but of course I started messing with it without backup (Dumb@$$) I had stuff on it that I would of had a very hard time replacing. I used the above guide and it worked great. I had to enter alot of stuff into the recovery console. I’m a 4 finger typer so it took a while but it worked great.

Thankyou! That’s been added to my favorites list:D

A very comprehensive well rounded outline. Added to my favorite places as well.

If any one is running win2K this will work for them also since 2K = NT5.0 and XP = NT5.1

Another good site to have. Its things like this that makes a tech’s day alot easier

I didn’t know if it was worth while to post it but from the response, I guess so. I think most of us backup regularly and if the machine goes down for whatever reason its a good time to just go ahead and reformat. But it seems when I’m busiest is when I forget to backup.

Hey thanks for the link. Its always appreciated when stuff like this get posted!! We can all use the help from time to time before we have to call in the cavalry!!