Help flashing HP 400c

Ive had many drives before and flashed sucessfully. But this one wont let me. I just got this pc used and this drive was in it. The FW in it now is bh04.

Ive read on here that this drive can be flashed with Benq/Phillips FW.

I grabbed the latest FW from the dangerous bros. website and cant get it to work.

When I launch the exe. program it flashes on the screen once (1 second) then goes away.

I tried to use the .CVT with windwflash and quickees bqflasher and it wont let me. Bqflasher gives me the error load library “WINASPI32.DLL” failed.

and Windwflash started the process but then said something like “error contact HP or manufacturer”

thanks for the help!

Hi. :slight_smile:

What firmware are you trying to flash. IIRC this drive is also known as OEM BenQ DW805A.
Use search in forum if you like to learn more about it.

BQFlasher error indicates you’r missing propper ASPI layer, (aspi file best placed in same folder as flashtool). Our member Millenod developed perfect aspi aka FrogAspi.

BTW, why not first try The Dangerous Brothers 400c firmware and/or flash in doze. :wink:

What about?