I’m new to flashing and need help in DOS. i have a NEC 2500A DVDRW and would like to flash it to Herrie’s latest firmware. I have downloaded the file from Herrie’s site and extracted it to my floppy along with the startup to DOS program to floppy. when i restart my computer it puts me at the A:\ prompt. According to Herries web site, I should enter this:

nec2x00a.exe -pri -sla -flash nec107v2b4.bin

I need some basic help on how to flash from dos. my drive is on G:
the program when I try to flash says drive error…enter drive???
Do I enter at the A:\ prompt ALL of the above and WITH spaces???
Do I just enter the .exe program first?
Do i include the - sign on -pri and -sla???
PLease avise of this so I don’t go crazy! Thanks

  1. First of all, this is not Herrie’s latest FW.

How is your NEC set ? Check it w Nero InfoTool > Configuration tab.

  1. The above syntax for the flasher, assuming a Primary Slave

The syntax for the flasher, assuming a Secondary Master is
nec2x00a.exe -sec -mas -flash nec107v2b4.bin

Secondary Slave : nec2x00a.exe -sec -sla -flash nec107v2b4.bin

  1. If you don’t know how to flash in DOS, why don’t you just use the Windows nec107v2b4.exe flash utility ?

Thanks for your info. CAn you tell me Herrie’s latest for the 2500a nec?
also…once my comp boots to the a prompt do I need to go to my dvd drive prompt first or do I stay at the A prompt to do the flash?

1.07 v2 Dual Layer Bitsetting Beta 5

Yes, you do. What’s your NEC setting, btw ?

Use the windows flasher. It works !!