Help Flashing 24B1ST

Hey guys!

I have a brand new 24B1ST and am having some trouble flashing it to the HSA324.

The instructions are simple enough, but after backing up my EEPROM, I can’t flash!

When I open the flash utility (6.01) and select “Write” then pick the 324 firmware provided by CK, it gets 2 blocks in and says “Failed to write Flash!”…and thats all. I have tried NUMEROUS different flash files, even ones I know I shouldn’t try, just to see if it would work, and they all fail there. I am on Windows 7 x64, and have tried opening the program as Admin and all…if I can get some help it’d be greatly appreciated. Not being able to set the booktype basically renders this drive useless to me…should have done more research :frowning:

That is [B]CROSS[/B]flashing, check out the Liteon subforum.