HELP! Flashed my ND-3500 with LDv2 Beta 7 System Problems

This afternoon I flashed my ND-3500 with LD V2 Beta 7. The flash appeared to go fine. I was instructed to reboot my computer and I did so. My HPD10 hung at the “Press F9 for Boot Menu F10 to Setup…” screen for a long time, the screen went black and just sat there. I wasn’t sure what was wrong and needed to leave so I walked away from the PC. I came home about four hours later and the system had booted but did not show a DVDR drive.

This time I rebooted and went into the BIOS setup menu - the system sees that I have an ND-3500 as my secondary IDE device. When I do a normal boot - same thing - screen goes black and it took about 25 minutes to boot. Once the system boots it seems to function okay - but still can’t see the DVDR.

I’ve looked through the BIOS and everything seems fine - it’s set to autodetect, the boot order is floppy, CD, HDD.

Any idea what might have happened? I don’t care so much about the drive at this point but I can’t wait 25 minutes every time I need to reboot! :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for any assistance!

Welcome to the forum.

If you got to the restart PC. the flash went ok :slight_smile:
Remove the drive from your system, boot into windows. Then close down your system and reconnect the drive then boot once more, and allow Windows to find the drive.

You can also remove the secondary IDE channel with the optical drive in Device Manager. Shut down PC. Remove the nickel-sized battery on the motherboard for about one hour to reset the CMOS. Set the jumper on all optical drives to Cable Select. Reboot into window. If you have to reset the clock, then you’ve just cleared the CMOS. Verify that the optical drive is detected and running in DMA mode 2.

I will go first with what has been suggested by Dee-27 before try to disconnected the system battery and go through cable setting because resetting the Bios again is quite hassle if you are not experienced system user.

Thanks guys - That did it. I shutdown, disconnected the DVDR, rebooted, switched the drive to ‘cable select’ (though I’m not sure what difference that would have made since it was running fine on slave before the flash) stated Windows and everything is back to normal - with the exception of the fact that I can rip quite a bit faster. :slight_smile:

Thanks again - I was paniced when the drive vanished - you guys got me back on track again!